The WAT Advantage
What is Random?Random Case Sealers automatically adjust for each size Regular Slotted Container (RSC) processed. When manufacturing produces different sized cases to be processed with water-activated tape through a single case sealer, the Random Auto H2O WAT Case Sealer is your answer!
Features and BenefitsThe Random Auto H2O has long lasting, heavy duty construction for 24/7 operation. Hover over the parts of the machine to learn more about the new features of the Random Auto H2O.
Min. case size: 6" x 6.5" x 5" Max case size: Inf x 20" x 24"
What is Random?
The Random Auto H2O™ is a revolutionary new semi-automatic Water-Activated Tape (WAT) case-sealer.
NEW! Random Auto H2O™ WAT Case Sealer
NEW! Random Auto H2O™ WAT Case SealerIt is widely acknowledged that a case sealed with water-activated tape (WAT) has the most secure closure. IPG®'s new Random Auto H2O WAT Case Sealer offers high throughput speeds, low maintenance, and low cost. Now with the ability to seal different sized containers with water-activated tape!
THE WAT AdvantageFor more than 90 years, IPG®’s water-activated tape product line has focused on innovative and technologically sound product developments. We have led the packaging industry with unique advances in processing technology and development of patented adhesives. Our water-activated tapes are better, faster, and stronger than traditional pressure-sensitive packing tapes.
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Features and Benefits